Daily Routine and Structure

The O-School’s therapeutic and education team works hard to create an experience that is consistent, meaningful and successful for every student throughout the day. This daily structure allows O-School students to feel safe while also providing them with numerous opportunities to explore, learn and grow.

A Typical Day at the O-School

What does a student’s day at the O-School look like?

A typical school day is active, but predictable. Each day is carefully scheduled, but without intrusive or coercive mechanisms, so students have many opportunities each day to feel successful and competent.

It is a School. A student’s day at the O-School is similar to a traditional school. Students can not only access curriculum for academic growth, but also discover talents and cultivate leadership skills.

Students participate in time-honored school experiences:

  • Regular classroom hours
  • Physical education
  • Fine arts
  • Co-curricular activities that include sports, school publications, dances and student clubs

It Feels Like Home. The O-School day is structured like home life. Waking is done gradually so everyone can ease into the day. Students eat breakfast, attend classes and eat lunch. School ends at 3:15 p.m., and the afternoon in the dorm begins with a snack and chat. Homework is done up until 5:45 p.m., when dinner is served family style. In the evenings, students finish homework with the support of staff before having free time to watch movies, play games, read or participate in one of the many group activities.

Education and Group Learning Emphasized

The O-School believes that educating children—and treating them like the intelligent and capable people they are—is an important part of their therapy. One does not get better and then become a student. The two are intertwined.

By providing them with opportunities for academic success and by appropriately balancing expectations and support, the instructional staff plays an important role in building self-worth and identity.

Throughout the O-School’s curriculum, there is a balance between one-on-one, partnered, small and large group instructional opportunities. The teachers work collaboratively to craft individual schedules and plans designed to foster each student’s unique learning style.

Healthy Meals Made from Scratch Every Day

Food is more than fuel. Good food nourishes the body and the mind.

Healthy nutrition is crucial to the students’ growth and development, and the act of eating around a table with friends and peers provides an important chance to socialize.

Understanding the role food plays in the development of our students, the O-School has its own scratch kitchen. A professional staff prepares fresh food every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including snacks, which is then served family style at each meal.

The O-School kitchen can also accommodate special diets, including vegetarian, vegan and food allergies.