Growth, Leadership and Social Opportunities

To enhance the educational program, the O-School offers a full range of co-curricular activities designed to ensure that students have a strong voice within the O-School, and beyond.

These programs provide structured opportunities that align with classroom-based curricula, and encourage students to collaborate and develop new skills:

Student Council – Ensures that student government addresses student concerns and promotes ideas that enhance everyone’s experience at the O-School

Food Council – Enables students to actively participate in the selection and planning of meals and dining experiences

Student Work Program – Encourages every student to pursue a campus based job and establish skills that can last a lifetime

Literary Magazine, Orthogenique – Award-winning magazine written, designed and published by students two times per year

O-School Newspaper, The Yellow Door Chronicles – School newspaper with all aspects of content, design and circulation managed by the students

Infectious Tees – Student operated screen-printing business, providing students with hands-on artistic, entrepreneurship and financial literacy training. To learn more, visit the Infections Tees website.

Social Events

Social activities during and after school strengthen individual and interpersonal skills, while building community and maintaining a more traditional school experience.

Examples of social events offered include:

  • Bi-Annual Talent Show
  • Gardening
  • Career Day
  • Musical Performances
  • Food Fest
  • Video and Strategy Game Tournaments
  • Carnival Days
  • Dances: Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Prom