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Relationships have always been the key to the O-School’s success. Whether you are an O-School alum, a current or former parent, a professional in the field, or a former
O-School employee, we want to stay connected to you.Please sign up for our newsletter using the form below to receive updates on the
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Parent Involvement

Parents Seminars

Join us for our quarterly Parent Seminars to learn more about the O-School and its clinical approach. Topics covered include building relationships, transitional planning, family connections, and more. The seminars are led by the O-School’s clinically trained and licensed leadership staff.

Welcome Calls

New O-School parents can receive a “Welcome Call/Email” from a current O-School parent. This service allows parents of newly admitted students to make a personal connection with someone who has recently been in their shoes. These calls often help new parents feel more comfortable, supported, and informed as their family starts its O-School journey.

Family Events

Every year the O-School offers numerous family events, including Academic Open Houses, Parent/Teacher Conferences, the Family BBQ, the Spaghetti Lunch, 8th Grade Graduation, and Prom. These events give parents the chance to spend time at the O-School with their child, chat with staff, and mingle with fellow parents.

Expanding and Building Parent Leadership

For those parents who are interested in taking on leadership roles or helping the school, please reach out. We would love to hear from you. We have a number of ways you can support the O-School and are open to new ideas as well.

For more information regarding any of the opportunities above, please contact Ellie Badesch, Director of Compliance and Special Projects, at ebadesch@oschool.org or at 773. 420.2892 to learn more.

Alumni Network

At the O-School, relationships were central to your success during the program and after your graduation. We want to continue to provide you with opportunities to remain connected through a rich alumni network.

Please join our Alumni mailing list, using the form below, to receive O-School updates and invitations to events, including alumni gatherings. Also, connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated on all that is happening at the O-School.

Alumni Families

Did the O-School play an important role in helping your child grow and succeed? Would you like to stay in touch and give back to other families who are experiencing similar challenges?

If so, please sign up for our Alumni Family mailing list using the form below. You will receive updates about current O-School programs, as well as invitations to events that will allow you to stay connected to the O-School community and to find ways to help support current parents and families.

Staff Alumni

The O-School’s most important asset has always been our highly trained and committed staff, and as a staff alum, you understand the passion and commitment required to change a child’s life. Whether you interned here or spent twenty years with us, we are grateful for your service and want to remain connected to you. Please join our Alumni Staff mailing list, using the form below, for invitations to O-School events, updates on our programs, and alumni staff gatherings.

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